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Help Shanghai Jiaoda Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd 2020-07-08

   At 10:00 a.m. on January 10, 2020, Shanghai Jiaotong University Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand kick-off meeting for the TCM system platform project of Shanghai Jiaotong University Zhibang.


  Zhang Jichang, chief engineer of Shanghai Jiaoda Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiaoda Zhibang"), Tang Shuilong, digital director, Yin Jun, sales director, Qin Haifeng, technical director, sales director of Shanghai Lianhong chuanneng Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lianhong technology"), Ni Shijin, sales director of Siemens big customers, and other main principals, functional department heads and key users of Jiaoda Zhibang attended the event At the meeting, the launch of the project was highly valued and supported by the leaders of the company. The meeting marked the beginning of the full implementation of TCM project.


Speech by Qin Haifeng, technical director of LianHong Technology

  This project is based on Siemens Teamcenter data management platform, combined with years of industry experience of Lianhong technology, to build a complete TCM solution for Zhibang of Jiaotong University. Specific project requirements take assembly process as the main line to realize BOM management, process resource management and process management, improve design quality and efficiency through PLM Software, strengthen data management and control ability, standardize design methods, strengthen business process management and control, improve process development ability, and establish an integrated R & D management platform for design, process and manufacturing.


Speech by Zhibang leader of Jiaotong University

  At the kick-off meeting, leaders of all parties fully recognized the project and made active project mobilization. Chief engineer Zhang Jichang and digital Director Tang Shuilong described the existing problems of the current enterprise and expressed their expectations for future enterprise digitalization. At the same time, they stressed that everyone should fully understand the importance of process management and seriously organize relevant personnel to actively cooperate with TCM project The project team hopes to improve the internal management, the digital and information level of the enterprise and the competitiveness of the enterprise through PLM project.


  Finally, Qin Haifeng, technical director of Lianhong technology, announced the successful completion of the kick-off meeting of Zhibang TCM project of Jiaotong University, and the implementation of the 8-month project officially began.


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