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Launch meeting of Funeng PLM project 2020-07-08

  On October 15, 2019, Funeng technology held the PLM project kick-off meeting, officially kicked off the full life cycle management project of Funeng technology products. Farasis Li Guorong, senior director of the Research Institute, Wang Xiaohui, Cao Jinsong, Li Wentao, director of project management department, Qin Lifu, Tan Jun, Fang Jie, Qiu Weiqiang, Deng Yunpeng, Chen Ziqiang, senior manager of it, Guo Jia, Ni Yu, youdaowen, and key members of business departments such as pack and cell of the Research Institute; Huang Kai, regional manager of Siemens, Kong Dechun, sales director of ugitc, Liang bukun, deputy director of Technology Project manager Yu Zhibo and members of the project team attended the meeting.


  Frasis was founded in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province in 2009. Its predecessor is the U.S. frasis founded in Silicon Valley in 2002. The company focuses on the R & D, production and sales of new energy vehicle lithium-ion power battery and vehicle battery system, and is one of the world's leading three yuan soft pack power battery enterprises.


Funeng science and technology travelogue presided over the meeting

  Funeng technology IT department's travelogue presided over the kick-off meeting of the project, introduced the participants and introduced the agenda, project background, business status, project team and organizational structure of the meeting.


Speech by Yu Zhibo, LianHong Technology

  Yu Zhibo, project manager of Lianhong technology, elaborated the objectives, implementation scope, team members, main plans and implementation guarantee of the PLM project.


Speech by Siemens Huang Kai

  Huang Kai, regional manager of Siemens, said that after a long-term and careful investigation, investigation and communication, Funeng technology PLM project finally chose Siemens solutions. He hoped that both parties of the project team could cooperate to build another successful PLM case in Siemens power battery industry. At the same time, as the initiator, advocator and practitioner of industry 4.0, Siemens has the most perfect and advanced automation and digital solutions. We hope that through this project, we can further carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation with Funeng technology, so as to ensure the growth and strength of Funeng technology.


Speech by Kong Dechun, LianHong Technology

  First of all, Kong Dechun, sales director of Lianhong technology, thanked the leaders of Funeng technology and members of all departments for their trust and strong support, and chose Siemens platform and Lianhong technology as partners of PLM project. It expresses that Lianhong technology attaches great importance to the PLM project, and dispatches senior experts in battery industry and experienced project managers of PLM to form a strong implementation team, so as to achieve the project objectives on time and in accordance with quality and quantity and ensure the success of the project!


Speech by Guo Jia of Funeng Technology

  Guo Jia, senior manager of Funeng technology it, acknowledged the professionalism and conscientious work of Lianhong project team, proposed that PLM system, as the most important it system of the enterprise, will support the circulation and management of data in all aspects of R & D, and the IT department and all business departments will closely cooperate to ensure the successful launch of the project.


Fu Neng Technology Li Guorong's summary speech

  General manager Li Guorong of Funeng technology summarized the kick-off meeting: as a start-up enterprise in the power battery industry, Funeng technology is based in Ganzhou headquarters, with global layout of R & D and manufacturing, and the market is facing fierce competition. At the same time of rapid development, it also needs various means and systems to further improve the company's R & D and management capabilities. The chairman of the company and leaders at all levels attached great importance to the PLM project. After many investigations and evaluations, Siemens Teamcenter was finally selected as the PLM platform of Funeng. It is hoped that all departments of Funeng technology will actively cooperate with the project team, closely connect the company's processes, meet the actual business needs, strengthen the management norms and standards, and treat the PLM project with A-level customer project standards.


Group photo

  Then the two sides discussed the information system planning and intelligent manufacturing of Funeng technology. The kick-off meeting of the project was successfully concluded, and the project teams of both sides took a group photo.


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