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Customized development based on tecnomatix 2020-06-19


Development Introduction:


  Tecnomatix is a global leader in PLM field. Its sub modules are flexible and diverse, which can be used alone or integrated. The API secondary development is a perfect supplement to its function and specificity.


  How can we make the application more useful and efficient for us?

  Customized functions, help customers work efficiency greatly improved!

  Because of its wide adaptability, tecnomatix has rich basic modules. However, it is impossible to encapsulate several operations, which results in a large number of unnecessary repetitive work, and for each enterprise's different requirements, its specificity is insufficient.

  Therefore, enterprises often need to carry out secondary development on the basis of tecnomatix platform to customize their own special applications. The secondary development can also automate the specific repetitive actions of customers and improve the work efficiency in the actual project.



 Tecnomatix all platforms: the same code is suitable for all TX products (PS em, PS disconnected, PSTC, PD, re)

 Forward compatibility: DLL can be used with an updated version of TX.

 Development document: chm format.

 Development language: C/ VB.net

Development services of tecnomatix platform:

 • Ugitc has a strong R & D team, which can provide secondary development based on various needs of customers. It has many years of secondary development experience of tecnomatix, and can carry out customized development for customers.

 • In the aspect of automobile manufacturing, it can automatically plan the path of continuous manufacturing features, so as to improve the work efficiency of the staff, accelerate the project progress, and make the new products available in advance.

 • In the aspect of factory simulation, the class library of plant simulation can be developed and expanded according to the needs of customers, so that customers can quickly build factory simulation models just by inputting parameters.

 • Be able to develop digital process ebop according to customers' needs, and generate process documents in different formats required by different manufacturers' projects.

 • Programming of math library, application event, kinematics API, human API, offline programming API, etc.


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