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Customized development solution based on nx 2020-06-19

  Nx is a three-dimensional CAD software of Siemens PLM Software, a world-famous integrated solution provider of CAD / CAE / CAM / PLM. It is a leading integrated solution in mechanical design, analysis and manufacturing. It provides users with digital modeling and verification means for product design and processing. It is the flagship product of Siemens PLM. Nx adopts Parasolid, which is patented by Siemens PLM Software Company, as the software core. It supports top-down and bottom-up design ideas, with core modeling, sheet metal design, large assembly design, surface construction, processing, product manufacturing information management, production drawing and other functions. At the same time, the system also provides a conversion tool from 2D view to 3D entity. With NX, engineers can design more unique products to improve the competitiveness of the company.

  Based on the customized development solution of enterprise knowledge base provided by NX for users, including combing enterprise design business process for users, creating MBD design specification based on NX design platform, and realizing the standardization and standardization of enterprise design process.


  Based on NX design platform, the enterprise MBD standard environment tools are customized to realize the toolization based on MBD design specification


  Based on NX design platform, customize enterprise knowledge base, including standard part library, general part library, purchased part library, etc., and create design templates based on typical parts to achieve rapid, accurate and efficient design of typical parts.


The value of customized development solutions based on NX knowledge engineering:

  • Establish a real landing model-based Standard Specification

  • Establish enterprise knowledge base and realize the solidification and inheritance of enterprise expert experience

  • Establish enterprise product knowledge system and realize modular platform design

  • Combing and designing business scenarios, combining efficiency improvement technology

  • Establish collaborative design process

  • Products and solutions with knowledge engineering as the core to help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement


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