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Digital design customization service based on MBD 2020-06-19

  With the development of enterprises in various industries, the digital design ability based on MBD has become the cornerstone of the overall digital ability of enterprises. The depth of design structure and the perfection of design knowledge system determine the overall efficiency of enterprises at the design end, the fluency of subsequent process, manufacturing and other back-end work, and the perfection of enterprise knowledge system construction imminent. Lianhong technology has rich experience in the industry, providing digital design customization service based on MBD, and strengthening the construction of product knowledge system.


  The digital design customization service based on MBD can help enterprises establish the following knowledge system:

   1. Digital design specification and design template formulation

   2. Data standardization, inspection tools and inspection specifications

   3. Product feature level / part level / component level / department set level knowledge base development

   4. Establishment of enterprise standard parts / standard material library

  The digital design customization service based on MBD can also help enterprises to establish and optimize design patterns and accelerate design efficiency:

   1. Modular selection design

   2. Top-down + modular design

   3. System engineering design method based on PLM

  In addition, MBD design tool set can be provided to improve the efficiency of MBD design.


  For specific scenarios and requirements, each module of NX can be personalized for secondary development to meet the special needs of enterprises.


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