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TDM test data management solution 2020-06-19

  Test is an essential technical means in the process of product research and development, production and maintenance, which plays an important role in optimizing product performance, prolonging product life, improving product quality and controlling cost. At the same time, the test itself is a complex process of interdisciplinary and multi participation, which involves multi data management, test project process control and test Inspection content coordination and other work contents. However, in the actual experiment process of the enterprise, a large number of accumulated test data are still scattered in the form of documents, which have not been effectively managed and utilized. How to manage and organize these scattered, diverse and complex test data has always been a problem for test managers. At the same time, how to allocate the test resources reasonably, how to use the test bench and test equipment efficiently, how to standardize the test process to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the test, and how to avoid repetition have become the bottleneck of restricting the test level and efficiency of the enterprise. Through long-term experience accumulation, Lianhong put forward the solution of test data management, aiming to solve the above problems.


Figure: test is an effective means to verify the matching degree between requirements and products

  Lianhong TDM test data management scheme is an effective information means for enterprises to manage test data. It is necessary to study how to manage and coordinate the whole test input data, test process data, test results data, test resources and other information data at the platform level through the test data management system, so as to form a test data management system in line with the enterprise test management system. So as to gradually realize the test data management platform to carry out test project management, test business process management, test document management, planning and verification management, test outline management, test record and report management, test resource management, test platform management, test BOM management, etc. by improving the reuse of test data, as well as the smooth and collaborative test data flow, reduce the manual management The resulting data errors and other problems will ultimately improve the efficiency and quality of the test process, provide strong data support for enterprise product research and development, and ensure the stability of product quality.


Figure: overall framework of test data management platform


  While planning the enterprise test data management platform, Lianhong not only considers the current information situation, but also focuses on the future planning strategy. Generally, the test data management can carry out the integrated application research of design, process and test according to the principle of "overall planning, step-by-step implementation", and gradually achieve the following test data management objectives:

  1. Build the project management based on the test. Through the platform test project management, the whole process of the test process can be controlled and tracked, the test task can be automatically distributed, and the test result delivery management can be carried out, so as to improve the efficiency and management precision of the test process;

  2. Manage the test business process platform, approve and execute all the relevant processes of the test business online through the creation of the platform business process template, and distribute the notice through email and other technical means, so as to improve the approval notification efficiency and information transmission accuracy of the test business;

  3. Build online creation, editing and filing of test documents management, achieve systematic filing and authorization control of documents, and ensure fine version management, accurate authority control and efficient use of document search;

  4. Through the effective system classification management of planning validation data, it is convenient for users to search and use test data efficiently, so as to improve the reuse of test data;

  5. Establish the online management mode of test program, improve the efficiency and accuracy of the preparation of test program through the automatic creation of online test program template and data integration;

  6. Build platform level test record and report management, get through the data flow of test data and report data, realize the electronic process approval of test record and report, and ensure the accuracy of test report data;

  7. Establish test resource platform management to manage and maintain test resources, such as test equipment, test tools, sensors, test materials, test slings, etc., to ensure the availability and effectiveness of test resource data;

  8. Carry out the integrated management of the test-bed, integrate the relevant test software of the test-bed for classified management, realize the unified integration of the relevant data of the test-bed, and provide the user with a clear data display of the status of the test-bed instruments and meters;

  9. Build test BOM to ensure that it is associated with design BOM and process bom, and according to the characteristics of the test, add the corresponding content and the information of test BOM, open the data chain of design BOM, process bom and test BOM.

  Through the construction of the content of the above test data management platform, Lianhong enables enterprises to control the process and results of the test related data in a unified platform. Through the application research of typical product test data management, based on the establishment of digital test application, and finally point-to-face coverage, a comprehensive digital collaborative environment of design, process and test collaboration is established, which shortens the data transmission route, provides efficient test data support for improving product quality, and finally wins the opportunity for the enterprise in the increasingly fierce market competition environment.


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