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SDM simulation data management solution 2020-06-19

  Teamcenter for simulation is a management system for simulation data under the Siemens product lifecycle management platform Teamcenter. Based on Teamcenter for simulation, Lianhong technology has launched a SDM solution with Lianhong's characteristics to help enterprises realize the effective management of simulation business process and simulation data.



  Main functions of union macro SDM solution:

  Collaborative project management of simulation data and process

  • Standard, unified and standardized R & D and engineering system construction supporting simulation analysis

  • Strengthen the real-time control and management of simulation plan and schedule of new product development and engineering projects

  • Balance the allocation of R & D resources of simulation business and improve the efficiency of R & D

  • Reduce product development cost and project lead time by agile management of simulation project

  • Automatic release of simulation and analysis tasks and sharing of data in the platform

  • Establish a collaborative work platform environment to break the limitation of time and space

  Design and simulation analysis data integration interface

  • Establish the mechanism of bidirectional digital analog linkage of design and simulation analysis model

  • Fast performance verification of fast design scheme

  Construction of simulation process flow system

  • Using simulation knowledge accumulation to establish standardized process of typical simulation analysis

  • Typical simulation analysis software tools and platforms (simcenter \ ANSYS \ NASTRAN \ AMESim \ heads \ insight, etc.) are integrated in the platform to realize seamless data transfer

  • Seamless integration with simulation high performance computer group (HPC) system

  Construction of simulation knowledge base

  • Component material library

  • Build simulation model library to improve the reusability of analysis model in the development process

  • Analyze and mine simulation performance data, establish simulation performance evaluation system

  Lianhong SDM solution features:



  Compared with the design process, the simulation process has many business models. In addition to the upstream design data, the simulation data needs to maintain the relevant relationship with the data in different stages of the simulation business. For example, the simplified geometry, the grid, the job file, and the result file should maintain the relevant relationship, as well as the subsequent data association System, such as test data, etc., and the associated maintenance relationship must be flexible and easy to manage. It can be seen that the process construction in the simulation platform, on the one hand, needs to build the flow process of business data and connect the data flow of several simulation links in series; on the other hand, it needs to consider the establishment of the same approval and release process as the design document management to manage the whole life cycle of simulation data.

  The system can customize the corresponding simulation electronic process template according to the enterprise simulation business, and can realize any simulation process in the system through the way of workflow combined with tool call. The electronic process drives the online flow of simulation data and the automatic execution of simulation process, improves the simulation collaboration ability and execution efficiency, and creates an efficient collaborative simulation analysis working environment for the enterprise.


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