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Electromechanical soft collaborative design soluti 2020-06-19

  With the continuous improvement of product innovation and intelligent requirements, manufacturing enterprises have increasingly prominent demands for structural design, digital / electrical design, software engineering and R & D integration in product R & D business. Based on Siemens PLM products, Lianhong puts forward a comprehensive solution for Mechatronics software collaborative design, which provides customers with multi professional digital R & D and management environment, helps customers build the ability of electromechanical software collaborative R & D, improve R & D efficiency and promote product innovation:



  Set up the cooperative work area in the system of union macro solution, and save the documents of electromechanical soft cooperative design. In the design process, the product EBOM structure is built first, and then the mechanical, electronic and software nodes are assigned to the person in charge through authorization. In this way, the person in charge of mechanical, electrical and software design can work together. Each person builds its own part of BOM structure, and finally forms a complete product EBOM structure. During the design process, we can check the design status, change the status and design progress at any time, reduce the misunderstanding and misunderstanding caused by the untimely communication, and achieve the purpose of concurrent and collaborative design.

  Through the integration interface between the system and MCAD (such as NX, core, CATIA, Solidworks, SolidEdge, etc.) to obtain the mechanical design data and realize the detailed management of mechanical design;



  Through the integration structure of the system and ECAD (Altium, cadence, mentor, etc.), the data of electronic design can be obtained, and the detailed management of electronic design can be realized;


图 ECAD与Teamcenter集成

  Through the integrated structure of software development tools (such as visionstudio, MPLAB IDE, KEIL, IAR, etc.) to obtain software development program data, and to realize the detailed management of software development result data;


图 软件开发工具与Teamcenter集成


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