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Digital enterprise consultation and planning 2020-06-19

  Lianhong digital enterprise consulting and planning service focuses on the core value objectives of the enterprise. Relying on the Siemens PLM full life cycle management platform, it provides business optimization solutions from concept to production dimensions, helps the enterprise to improve organizational efficiency, establish management specifications, and achieve technology leadership. Through business planning, high-quality product R & D and production can be realized, and product value and premium space can be improved through product quality improvement.

  Different from traditional consulting service providers, Lianhong not only develops consulting and planning plans, but also provides follow-up implementation services. The services are divided into two parts:

  1. Platform construction - based on the planning scheme, we define the objectives in three aspects: standardized process, controllable progress and accurate delivery, to help middle-level management of enterprises, accelerate the implementation of high-level decisions, promote enterprise management specifications, realize the full process management and control from PLM to mom, mom to TIA, open the design to production link, and achieve efficient collaboration;

  2. Double efficiency - the construction of the platform will more or less lead to the improvement of management complexity. For the grassroots executives, under the constraints of the system, the work is more refined and the task is more complicated. For this reason, we put forward the efficiency multiplication scheme, starting with tools, through the intervention of standardized, modularized and reusable thinking, we provide customized scheme, package repetitive labor, provide the basis of digital transformation, realize the improvement of efficiency, offset the task brought by the refinement of management platform, and make grassroots executives truly return to positive R & D.



  Lianhong's consulting and planning services focus on the dimensions of high-level decision-making, middle-level management and grass-roots implementation, and set the most important three goals:

  1) Provide strategic solutions for the decision-makers, aiming to establish a global / cross regional collaborative R & D platform, improve the overall R & D capacity, improve product quality, and expand domestic and overseas markets;

  2) Provide management path for management, based on different industry system standards, improve the management ability of R & D projects, guide customers to realize the transformation from external system requirements to internal spontaneous needs, improve management awareness and improve management efficiency;

  3) In order to improve the efficiency of the executive layer, the quality control system should be established at the same time. From the previous task-based process control to the quality based process closed-loop, the knowledge management awareness should be strengthened, and the enterprise level knowledge base experience base should be established to avoid the recurrence of problems.



  The number of technical staff of Lianhong consulting service team is more than 180. The advantages and values of the team are reflected in three aspects:

  1. As a consulting service company, Lianhong is more about bringing value to customers and thinking about what customers think. Therefore, the first goal of Lianhong is to help customers choose suitable platforms and solutions;

  2. With more than 2500 customers and rich consulting and service experience, Lianhong provides professional solutions on the basis of customers' confirmation and selection of Lianhong platform;

  3. Lianhong pays attention to the management of the service process, emphasizes the importance of team cooperation, emphasizes the importance of knowledge transfer in the service process, and makes the enterprise become an expert, so that the enterprise can be really improved.

  Lianhong's advantage industries include aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and parts, machinery and equipment, and electronics. Its advantage in these industries comes from long-term practice. Lianhong attaches great importance to the accumulation and sharing of experience, and solves the problem of knowledge precipitation and reuse through modular implementation methodology, which is an innovation in the industry. At the same time, a large amount of internal accumulated knowledge is shared with customers through the way of technical journals to improve their capabilities. At the same time, they also get good reputation. Professional (industry scheme & customization), efficient (timely response & Localization), innovation (knowledge transfer & Technical Journals) are the service standards we always adhere to.


  In order to meet the customized needs of customers, Lianhong invests tens of millions of R & D expenses every year, organizes a large number of technical personnel to develop, forms its own copyright and software product certification, and is rated as a high-tech enterprise, passing the IOS system certification. These investments have been transformed into a more competitive solution of Lianhong to serve our customers.



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