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Service and support

1) Assist enterprises to establish NX CAD information platform

  Based on years of service experience and combined with the enterprise's own application needs, Lianhong company has established an information platform for the enterprise, which mainly includes: establishing a unified and special CAD environment; establishing a unified CAD design specification; refining and establishing a standard design process; assisting the enterprise in customizing its internal training plans and courses; assisting the enterprise in establishing a product database and data processing Timely update and maintenance of the library.

2) Arrange CAD trainers certified by Siemens PLM Software to prepare targeted training courses for enterprises

  The technical support center of Lianhong company has many CAD / CAE / CAM / PLM trainers certified by Siemens Industry software company. According to the characteristics of the enterprise products, combined with the software functions, it provides detailed product design process and instructions, and carries out special training to enable the enterprise designers to master the product design process and essentials of the enterprise as soon as possible. In this way, we can avoid the simple and inefficient basic training of software function, and make the designers put their knowledge into practice and put it into product design with the maximum efficiency. For the similar features that often appear in enterprise product design, it can help enterprises to establish user-defined feature library. As an auxiliary tool of enterprise product design, it can greatly improve the efficiency of product design.

3) Lianhong company is the core agent of Siemens PLM Software, with a senior application service technology team

  Lianhong's technical support center is a senior technical service team, which is strongly supported by Siemens Industry software R & D center. The technical support center has the experience of providing training, technical consultation, secondary development and joint design for many enterprises in the fields of automobile enterprises, aerospace, general machinery, electronics, etc. These experiences are very rare for a company engaged in software service, which also makes Lianhong company full of confidence in the cooperation with customers, and firmly believes that it can help customers optimize the design process, simplify the manufacturing process, make NX software play a role in the enterprise faster, and create good economic benefits.

4) The tenet of Lianhong company is "integrity, professionalism and dedication"

  Lianhong company has always focused on the application effect of customers' software, strictly abided by and performed the terms of technical service agreement, actively responded to and seriously solved the technical difficulties encountered by users, and often organized relevant personnel to carry out thematic discussions and technical exchanges, so as to better provide customers with professional, dedicated and efficient technical support. As a software service company, Lianhong company also frequently carries out a return visit to customers about the use of software, timely understands the use of NX software for product design and processing, and helps customers solve some problems in product design.

5) Fast response of Lianhong company

  Lianhong company actively assists customers to solve software technical problems. The company provides users with 7 × 16 hours of technical support services, and provides fixed technical director and contact number, fax, e-mail, etc. When users find software failure or other software technical problems, the company will respond within 2 hours and solve major technical problems on site.

  When customers encounter any difficulties in the process of product design, analysis and manufacturing, they can also get a quick response from Lianhong at the first time. According to the needs of users, the company provides joint design services, so that the experience of senior engineers in the technical support center can be organically combined with the user design process, which is conducive to early results. For the characteristics of the enterprise's serialized products, the company can also assist the enterprise to complete the product all parameter driven model, greatly reducing the R & D cycle of the enterprise's products.


6) Joint design of Lianhong company

  The technical service characteristics and advantages of Lianhong company have been accumulated in many years of technical services. It has been improved and verified in the technical services provided for different customers for many times, and gained valuable implementation experience. Make software play a role for customers faster and better, and create good economic benefits.

7) Technical support center of Lianhong company

  In order to expand the service scope and extend the service connotation, Lianhong company has established a technical support center based on the original technical team. The center includes the expanded Technology Department of Lianhong company and the backbone from UG China University, which can better meet the needs of users, and greatly improve the basic work such as standard parts library, mold base library, user-defined feature library, drawing symbol standard, enterprise CAD standard, etc.

8) Technical Journal of Lianhong company

  In order to help customers better understand the development trend of the industry, master software application skills, and solve practical work problems, the Technology Department of Lianhong company shares its experience to customers through technical journals. In September 2007, Lianhong electronic journal was published, with nearly 60 technical skills published every month, and more than 2300 applications of technical skills published. In this work, our engineers in the technology department persevered and developed from the original monthly magazine to the current weekly magazine.

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