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Our belief is summarized as "professional, efficient and innovative". This is the foundation of our business, the guideline of our actions and the program of our development. We emphasize belief, that is to enjoy establishing belief and persisting belief. We should stick to our faith for a long time and constantly pursue progress.

We advocate specialty

That is, we should make simple actions to the extreme, and make ordinary work a permanent business. We are engaged in a high-tech work, we should have a sense of mission to contribute to the progress of science and technology; we should have a sense of belonging to the collective with clear division of labor and unity and cooperation; we should have a sense of responsibility for our customers who trust us. On the basis of our special love for our products and services, we will provide our customers with the most professional solutions, meet their needs as much as possible, and reflect the value of our products and services. Our specialty will achieve more efficient work; our specialty will win the deep satisfaction of customers.

We advocate efficiency

We should make decisive decisions and respond quickly. The real sustainable competitive advantage comes from the rapid adaptation to the changes in the industry, and Lianhong takes effective actions to deal with customer needs, market changes and internal problems at the fastest speed. Lianhong put an end to procrastination and emphasized to solve problems quickly and effectively, paying equal attention to efficiency, effect and benefit. Standardize management, step by step; advocate a simple and pragmatic style, deal with problems, grasp the essence, and seek actual results; adhere to the fine tradition of thrift, establish the awareness of comprehensive cost management, and strive for the maximum benefit for customers with the minimum cost.

We advocate innovation

The only way to continue to succeed is to innovate. Pay close attention to environmental changes, accurately judge the development direction of the industry and market, adjust ourselves, adapt to the situation, and lead the new development trend of the industry. Lianhong will continue to summarize and draw inferences from others, actively create new methods, improve work efficiency and meet customers' needs; only those who dare to break through and innovate can stand out; and only those who constantly innovate can constantly strengthen their existing advantages. Lianhong will help China's manufacturing industry lead the world with world-class industrial software and professional services.


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