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About UGITC:

Shanghai United Grand Information Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech consulting service enterprise, established on the basis of Excellence Grand Information Technology Co., Ltd and a professional enterprise focused on Siemens PLM Software industrial design software products, while being engaged in ANSYS motor design software, the world renowned electrical design software EPLAN, profile cutting CAD / CAM system SigmaNEST and so on. So far, it has become the highest level professional authorized agent of Siemens PLM Software, with platinum qualification; meanwhile, it is an important agent of ANSYS, EPLAN and SigmaNEST in China. It is focused on providing complete digital product engineering solutions and a full range of consulting services for the majority of users in automobile, general machinery, consumer electronics, aerospace, shipbuilding and other mechanical manufacturing fields.

Our staff includes professionals engaged in the industrial design software business for many years, who have extensive experience in the industry and a sincere heart for customer service. The common belief and target make us gather and become a sophisticated team of sales, technical support and application services. We adhere to the corporate philosophy of "integrity, professionalism and dedication", uphold the target of sound quality and quick response, to promote the use of digital product engineering solutions and has provided numerous business users with consulting services, technical training, software installation, after-sales support, business outsourcing, system integration and other integrated services. The company has established branches in major cities in the country to render more efficient customer services.

It is our greatest wish to focus on customer benefits, satisfy customer demands and achieve mutual benefit and win-win with customers.

Please be assured that UGITC is your trusted partner!

Development of UGITC (I)  

January 2004 - Shanghai (Excellence Grand)

March 2006 - Tianjin

November 2007 - Shenzhen

August 2009 - Hong Kong

January 2010 - Yancheng

February 2010 - Hangzhou

September 2010 - Shanghai (United Grand)

November 2011 - Chongqing


Development of UGITC (II)

2004 UGS Best Partner  

2005 UGS Silver Agent

2006-2008 Siemens PLM Gold Agent

2009 - present Siemens PLM Platinum Agent

2009 Asia-Pacific Digital Manufacturing Products (DM) Sales Awards

2010 Siemens Platinum Agent & Greater China Sales Champion

2010 Asia-Pacific Digital Manufacturing Products (DM) Sales Awards

2011 Defend the championship in the Greater China Region Agents

2012 Defend the championship in the Greater China Region Agents

2013 Highest Quality Service Agent


2014 Asia-Pacific Top Customer Publicity Contributor



UGITC technical team::

The technical team is the core and value of UGITC. Through nine years of development, we have created a professional technical team.

As a Siemens Authorized Training Center, we have developed a high level training team and participated in the preparation of Siemens certified materials.

UGITC technical journal has provided Excellence Grand and the customers with a communication platform and a learning world. Here, we share industry knowledge, software skills, professional skills, for common progress and common development. Our technical department engineers have insisted for more than two years, from the original monthly magazine to the present weekly magazine, which is unique in all agents of Siemens.

About Siemens PLM Software:

Siemens PLM Software is a subsidiary of Siemens Industry Automation Division and a global leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services. PLM is a platform to convert more ideas into successful products because PLM can provide application depth and breadth of the detailed products and process data that are digitally created, validated and managed to support continuous innovation.

We offer an open, scalable and proven portfolio advantages; manage or create 40% of the three-dimensional data in the world; promote innovative and collaborative culture atmosphere; plan and guide the growth of enterprise from a strategic perspective.


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